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Payment Kiosks has been introduced in Nepal for the first time by Electronic Payment System Pvt.Ltd for the easier and convenient payment of the customer concerning the services used in on a daily basis lives. The payment kiosk is an easy to use machine and allows customers to pay their bill very quickly without any interaction with any employee. It is a simple user friendly machine that contains detailed instructions on how it works. Customers have to simply follow the instructions, fill the information in the bill or scan the coded portion of the bill and then insert the cash. After this, they will get a receipt from the payment kiosk.

Currently, the public in Metro Kathmandu can use Kiosk terminal the  Automated Payment Machines  to pay  for services (look at available services). Epay  system allows people to pay at their convenience, at any time and all of the available services automatically. Our Kiosk has a very easy and user-friendly interface that offer an easy and efficient way of paying for various services. To find the locations of our deployed Kiosk location please see the Kiosk Map. Benefits from using our payment system:
 1. Fully automatic
2. Open 24/7*.
3. Payments are made in real time. Customer will get a load in just a  few seconds.
4. Accepts all denominations of Rupee paper bill. (NO COINS!!!)
5. Issues Official Receipt  for each transactions.
6. Multiple payments in one Kiosk. Customer can pay for different services in one place.


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